About Us

Our overdyed Turkish patchwork Rugs are a modern Day Turkish creation. Turkish carpets and rugs are world renowned from centuries past. Original antique carpets and rugs are considered treasures, veritable heirlooms.

Many of these naturally aged old Turkish patchwork carpets have undergone a striking change by modern day artisans who have created a line of rugs that have become immensely popular as stylish floor coverings and beautiful works of art!

These rugs are made from patchwork swatches of hand-woven antique Anatolian carpets have been washed, re-dyed, over-dyed and assembled.

Each rug features a subtle hand knotted texture in either wool, and with tonal wool stitching and cotton backed for durability.

Bold and exotic to soft and delicate colorations, these Turkish patchwork rugs are pieced together into a single pastiche of pattern and color are contemporary in design but allowing its former pattern to show through to create a decidedly bohemian look carpet, striking harmony between old and new.

For the ultimate in interior decor the overdyed rug will provide panache for beautiful wooden floors or ceramic tiles.